Great Brook Sugar House

Thirty-five year ago the NMYA tapped ten trees on the front lawn of the East Street School. That first year, the mammoth amount of sap collected was boiled on a Coleman stove. Today, the Agency taps 1,600 trees on properties donated by residents in Kent. Over the past three decades, this program has been driven by the work ethic, imagination, and interest of the local youth.

Today, our maple sugaring operation is one of the largest in the area. We still use many of the old fashion methods for collecting and producing maple syrup. Each year, dozens of high school and college students assist in the collection, processing, packaging, and sale of some of New England’s best maple products.

If you get a chance, drop by in February and March to see the operation in full swing. Just look for the steam floating up from the Sugar House. If you are a student and would like to become involved, call the Youth Agency at 860.210.2030.

This year’s syrup and maple products can be purchased at the Sullivan Farm farm stand or by calling the Youth Agency at 860.210.2030. You can also purchase our maple products at Big Y. You can enjoy our maple syrup at both Theo’s Diner and the Green Granary located on Railroad Street in New Milford.