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Food Connection Corps

The Food Connection Corps (FCC) is a paid internship program offered through Friends of Sullivan Farm. FCC aims to teach students the basics in sustainable farming, modern day food issues, and job readiness training.

Interns are expected to participate in all aspects of farm work, attend class discussion sessions, as well as complete a project at the end of their term.

If you are interested in applying for work at Sullivan Farm, please download our 2013 Employment Application and return to or mail to Sullivan Farm, P.O. Box 1197, New Milford CT 06776

Girl Scout Trips: Earn Badges at Sullivan Farm!

Daisy Petals:

Rose Pedal: Make the World a Better Place
Help native wildlife by helping the farmers and planting flowers in our native garden. We will use natural materials to make earth-friendly crafts! Time: 1-1.5 hrs.
Clover Petal: Using Resources Wisely
Learn about our composting system and take note on what you can compost at home. We’ll talk about recycling, and how some items we thought were trash can be reused in a farm-friendly way! Time: 1-1.5 hrs. 

Brownie Badges:

Snacks: Learn how to make a variety of snacks with produce from our farm! Your troop will get to see the different vegetables we grow, and the produce we sell in our farm store. Time: 1.5-2 hrs. $$
Bugs: We’ll get to investigate into a bug’s life: who lives where, and how they do it! You’ll get to meet some of the beneficial bugs we have on the farm and see some ways we try to manage the bugs that eat our crops! Time: 1-1.5 hrs.
Hiker: Sullivan Farm has acres of natural space to explore—we’ll pack a snack and walk back into the fields and woods and search for signs of animals that make our farm their home. Time: 1-1.5 hrs
Senses: Explore the farm using your five senses; you’ll get to see, smell, hear, touch and, best of all, taste some of what we’re growing. Time: 1-1.5 hrs


Junior Badges:

Camper: Learn how to prepare for a camping trip and how to build a campfire and cook a meal over it; we’ll even use some of our own veggies! Time: 1.5-2 hours
Flowers: Spend some time in our flower gardens and learn how flowers give us more than just a pretty sight. Time: 2-3 hrs.
Gardener: Use the produce from the farm to make a meal, pick some out flowers to create a bouquet centerpiece, and plant a seed to keep indoors.  You’ll get your hands dirty in the garden and take home some tips on how to create the perfect habitat for your plant. Time: 2 hrs. $$

Cub Scout Programs


Achievement 5: Let’s Go Outdoors–Take an interactive hike around the fields and forest.
22 Picnic Fun: Can be added to any program, have a picnic at the farm (no fee) or campfire at our fire circle*.
30 Plant a Seed: Plants have different ways of disguising seeds, we’ll look at some in the field and plant a seed to take home.
31 Learn about Animals: We have all kinds of birds living around the farm, from domestic chickens to wild birds of prey, we’ll learn about the birds we find.


Achievement 7: Your Living World—Ecological farming is important to us at SF, we’ll go over some of our practices that keep the earth happy and clean.
Achievement 8: Cooking & Eating—See how the food pyramid fits our farm, and make a healthy meal.$$
15 Grow Something: Help in our different garden beds, and bring plant something to bring home!
18 Outdoor Adventure: Play some of our favorite farm games and have a picnic at the farm.


Achievement 9: What’s Cooking? Put together a trail-snack we’ll eat on a hike, and return to the fire pit to cook some veggies. $$
14 Landscaping:  Help with one of our different garden beds, whether it’s our perennial garden, flower beds, or kids vegetable garden, there’s always space for some designing, planning, and upkeep.
15 Water and Soil Conservation: See the different layers of the soil, and how we try to conserve the precious layer of topsoil at SF.


Activity Badges
Forester: We use the forest for agricultural purposes—making maple syrup! Learn more about trees in our forests.
Naturalist: At SF we work with nature to farm instead of against it. Learn some ways we farm ecologically.

 Seasonal Scout Programs for Girls and Boys

February/March: Maple Sugaring

Learn the natural and cultural history of maple sugaring! We’ll hear a story and learn about maple trees. Then, the group will check tapped trees and see how the sap is boiled down to make syrup, a sweet treat for everyone.

April-July: Starting Seeds
Spend some time in our new hoop-house and see the different stages of life the plants are in on the farm. Different seeds are planted all throughout the spring and summer—plant some of your own to take home!

*Campfire Cookout
Come for an evening at the farm & cook over our campfire, play some night-games, & make s’mores,! $$

All  Scout programs are interactive & hands-on so Scouts can develop an appreciation for local food and farms. Trips can include time for snack or other Scout meeting needs. Restroom facilities are available. When visiting, Scouts should wear clothes fit for the weather. Programs run drizzle or shine. We provide one educator per 25 Scouts; this ensures quality programming and individual attention.

Fee is $7/child (siblings included); there is no fee for leaders & parents.
$$ = extra fee for materials.

School Field Trips

Sullivan Farm hosts field trips for students of all ages, on different topics depending on the season. In the fall we focus on the harvest and different families we have growing in the field. Winter is maple sugaring season, with field trips including stories, tours, and tastes. New growth and life cycles is the theme for spring. All of our programs for different ages connect with the CT State Science Standards. For more information about our school field trips, email Jenna at

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